Instructions for using Glampalm Hair Styler

Instructions for using Glampalm:

The Glampalm styler helps you create many hairstyles: straight, curly, wavy or down… However, you probably don’t know how to use the Glampalm effectively. We would like to instructions for using Glampalm’s stylers most effectively.


About Glampalm
  • Glampalm hair curler is a famous brand from Korea. Has been around since 1995, has advanced technology, and is consumer-oriented.
  • Glampalm is recognized for having the best technology in hair straighteners. Thanks to research and efforts to meet customer needs, in a modern society.

How to use the machine:

  • The machine has heat levels, to adjust according to your wishes
  • 100 – 140 degrees is the temperature for hair that is seriously damaged due to bleaching, straightening, and dyeing
  • 140 – 160 degrees is the temperature for hair damaged by bleaching, straightening, and dyeing
  • 160 – 180 degrees is the temperature for healthy hair
  • 180 – 200 degrees is the temperature for healthy and thick hair
  • You should choose a reasonable heat level when using the Glampalm machine. Too high a heat level will damage your hair. But the low temperature makes it take a long time to do hair. And not getting the results you want

Order of Instructions for using Glampalm

  • Step 1: Use hair serum before using the Glampalm curling iron.
  • Step 2: Use a hair dryer (make sure your hair is not wet)
  • Step 3: Use clips to fix the hair and divide it into small sections
  • Step 4: Use the Glampalm curling iron from the bottom half – hairline – both sides of the hair – the last bangs

For each hairstyle you will have different operations. The simplest way is to straighten it, but when curling it, you need to hold the machine longer at the bend to make the curl more beautiful.

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