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The Glampalm cordless hair styler GP244 is the product that many customers are most interested in. GP244 has become a modern, convenient and useful product line that is worth using in daily hair care. Glampalm will help you style your hair in no time: curled hair, straight hair, puffy hair, curled ends, curled bangs, curled bangs on both sides, curls. In addition, the device can use a very modern cordless charging dock. GP244 can help you straighten your hair, or curl it as you like. You will get satisfactory hairstyles, suitable for different occasions such as when going to work, school or going to parties. The following are some of the outstanding features of GP244

  • There is a heat plate made of Ceramic ceramic to help minimize damage. Transfers heat faster and more evenly than metal heating rods, at the same time does not harm or fade hair color, and retains moisture better.
  • Has a quick heating speed, only 40 seconds after plugging in.

Technical specifications of Glampalm corldless hair styler GP244:

Outstanding features:


  • Multi-function hair styler with convenient cordless design
  • Hair styling function: curly, straight, wavy, puffy…
  • Designed with ceramic ceramic plate
  • The machine heats up quickly after 40 seconds
  • Limits hair color fading without causing damage to hair
  • Easy to turn on and off, easy to use

Healing Stone technology

  • The cordless hair styler GP244 uses ceramic coating material – an exclusive material from the mountains of Korea. The material helps prevent hair damage during the styling process.
  • Ceramic coating technology on professional machines can keep your hair soft, shiny and look more attractive after curling.
  • The cordless hair styler GP244 styler is also coated with a ceramic layer that has a heat transfer function. Can protect your hair from damage due to high temperatures.

Instructions for using the Glampalm cordless hair styler GP244

  • Turn on the ON – OFF switch
  • Wait for the machine to heat up, then start styling your hair as you want.
  • The device does not have a storage battery. The device configuration does not come with a charging cable set. Do not use while charging.


  • Fully charge the battery before use.
  • Choose the right amount of hair, not too little or too much when styling.
  • Turn on vibration mode to keep curls longer.
  • The product has the function of preventing breakage and hair loss.
  • Store the machine in a cool, dry place.

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