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Cordless Hair Styler – Multifunction – Glampalm

The Glampalm cordless hair styler GP244 is the product that many customers are most interested in. GP244 has become a modern, convenient and useful product line that is worth using in daily hair care. Glampalm will help you style your hair in no time: curled hair, straight hair, puffy hair, curled ends, curled bangs, curled […]

GLAMPALM hair curler helps style hair quickly but does not damage hair

No need to go to the hairdresser, you can still curl your hair quickly at home with Glampalm products. On the market there are many different lines of hair curlers, with many utilities to help make hairdressing easier and save more time. There are many different models of machines with different uses, so customers have […]

Instructions for using Glampalm Hair Styler

Instructions for using Glampalm: The Glampalm styler helps you create many hairstyles: straight, curly, wavy or down… However, you probably don’t know how to use the Glampalm effectively. We would like to instructions for using Glampalm’s stylers most effectively. About Glampalm Glampalm hair curler is a famous brand from Korea. Has been around since 1995, […]

Glampalm’s Healing Stone technology

What is the origin of Healing Stone technology? 1. Name Healing Stone, also known as Special Treatment Stone, has long been known as a natural “miracle drug” with the ability to heal and regenerate. But have you ever wondered about the origin and story behind the Healing Stone’s extraordinary power? Glampalm would like to introduce […]